Office Hygiene is the Beginning of a Happy Workforce.

Don’t take office hygiene for granted, and don’t ignore the value of investing in good quality commercial hygiene equipment.

There’s one thing everyone has in common – regardless of whether you are an FD (financial Director) or an FD (forklift driver), you are going to visit the toilet, bathroom, loo, restroom, washroom, lavatory, WC, call-it-what-you-may, etc., and so forth.

Research has shown that a clean and tidy workplace assists employees to maintain a professional atmosphere, which in turn allows them to perform their duties more easily, leading to greater productivity.

Why is Office Hygiene Important?

Critical to health and safety

There are a huge range of health and safety considerations which you must keep in mind when you own or run a business, and cleanliness is a huge part of this. There are a number of issues which can arise from keeping a dirty or unsafe work environment. Dirty kitchens can cause health issues, and dusty or dirty shelves or desks can promote the spread of colds and germs – especially in winter.

Between getting a professional clean, you need to ensure that your employees are actively engaged in keeping their workplace maintained. Things like office rosters and cleaning duties should be actively promoted and adhered to, perhaps with rewards for great work. You need to also ensure that you have the appropriate cleaning materials and safety gear available in the workplace for your employees to use. Employees should always be encouraged, indeed required, to report potentially hazardous situations, like objects left in doorways or overflowing bins. In addition, everyone needs to be given general education on health and safety in the workplace – ideally on induction.

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How can Pinnacle Hygiene and Pest Control Services help you establish an ideal work environment?

All our commercial hygiene equipment is delivered and installed free of charge and is serviced regularly by our teams in the field. Any faulty equipment is repaired or replaced immediately.

Pinnacle Hygiene Equipment is available for rental or for purchase. We have an extensive range of products including:

  • Soaps Dispensers
  • Paper Towel Dispensers
  • Sanitary Bins
  • Wall Mounted Bins
  • Air Freshener Dispensers
  • Seat Sanitiser Sprays
  • Seat Sanitiser Wipes
  • Hand Sanitiser Dispensers
  • Hand Dryers
  • Toilet Roll Holders
  • Baby Change Stations

Equipment and Dispensers are available in stainless steel, white and platinum coloured range.

We deliver a wide range of Hygiene Consumables and Paper Products too:

  • Hand soaps,
  • Soaps,
  • Quality Toilet Paper,
  • Paper Towel,
  • Cleaning chemicals.
  • Quality toilet paper
  • Towels
  • Catering roll
  • Paper Towel
  • Tissues

Good quality Office Hygiene equipment is simply a click away.

Environmentally Friendly Office Hygiene

Using environmentally friendly cleaning products is a great way to keep harmful toxins out of your office environment. The environment also benefits from the reduction of chemicals that are dumped daily into our water and air. Many people, especially children, are susceptible to the damage caused by toxic chemicals in most everyday cleaning products.

Contact us to find out more about our wide range of environmentally friendly or green products available to purchase.

In Conclusion

Who doesn’t love entering a clean and functioning restroom?
As humans we have little control over our pit stops, hence the importance of keeping these environments as ‘user-friendly’ as possible.

One of our skilled consultants is available to advise you on the best Hygiene solution for your office, workshop, factory, restaurant, clubhouse, reception area, clinic, or any other commercial space.