The beginning and end of Workplace Hygiene

Why Wash Your Hands?

Keeping your hands clean is the first step towards workplace hygiene. It is one of the most basic, yet important steps you can implement to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others at work. By not washing your hands with soap and clean and running water, many diseases and unhealthy conditions are spread.

How do germs make you sick?

Faeces from people and animals is a common source of germs like Salmonella, E. coli 0157, and norovirus. These germs commonly cause diarrhoea, and get onto your hands when you use the toilet. Unfortunately, they also find their way onto your hands in less obvious ways, like when you go to public places where other people may not have washed their hands.

Germs infect your hands when you touch an object that has germs on it. When these germs are not washed off, they can be passed from person to person, thus spreading sickness. This is especially prevalent in places where people congregate, like schools, offices, malls, and such. Public-, school-, and workplace hygiene is to be encouraged to prevent the spread of diseases.

Do we all become super-germaphobic and wear gloves and masks wherever we go? Well I guess that is an option; but there is a slightly less phobic way of dealing with germs.

Washing your hands is the first step towards great workplace hygiene.

How does washing with soap and water help?

Washing your hands with soap and clean water prevents infections and the spread of contagions to others.

  • Germs enter your body through your nose, eyes and mouth; you may not realise how often you touch these parts of your body.
  • Germs from dirty hands can get into foods and drinks while people prepare or consume them. Under certain conditions, germs multiply in some foods and make people sick.
  • Germs from unwashed hands are transmitted to other objects, like shopping trolleys, handrails, desks and chairs, computer keyboards, etc.
  • Eradicating germs through handwashing will prevent the spread of germs which cause infections and diseases.

Encouraging people to wash their hands will keep all public and work places healthy. Clean hands

  • Reduce the number of people who get sick with diarrhoea by up to 40%
  • Reduce respiratory illnesses, like colds,  up to 21%
  • Reduce absenteeism due to illness by up to 57%

Handwashing helps battle the rise in antibiotic resistance

Thwarting disease decreases the volume of antibiotics people have to use and the likelihood that antibiotic resistance will develop. Antibiotics are often prescribed unnecessarily for diarrhoea and respiratory infections. Reducing these infections by washing hands frequently will help prevent the misuse of antibiotics which leads to antibiotic resistance. Handwashing will prevent the spread of germs which are already resistant to antibiotics and therefore difficult to treat.
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Our Workplace Hygiene Solution

At Pinnacle Hygiene and Pest Control Solutions we have a wide range of Kitchen and Bathroom hygiene equipment which is suitable for clinics, hotels, workshops, warehouses, reception areas, office buildings, factories, schools, clubs, and any other place you can think of.

We have specialist workplace hygiene equipment solutions which include items like:

  • Soaps Dispensers
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  • Sanitary Bins
  • Hand Dryers
  • Air Freshener Dispensers
  • Seat Sanitiser Sprays
  • Seat Sanitiser Wipes
  • Baby Change Stations

All our Equipment and Dispensers are available in stainless steel, white and platinum coloured range and are available to buy or to rent. We deliver to your offices, and our equipment is services and maintained by our hygiene specialists.

We also provide an extensive range of workplace hygiene consumables including:

  • Hand soaps
  • Soaps
  • Quality Toilet Paper
  • Paper Towel
  • Cleaning chemicals

The Final Rinse

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