About Pinnacle Hygiene

Pinnacle Hygiene, Cleaning and Pest Control Services

Pinnacle Hygiene, Cleaning, and Pest Control Services is a South African-owned company that has an extensive range of hygiene equipment and consumables – and is also a professional pest control specialist.

Dedicated to providing hygiene services for the commercial market, including washrooms, kitchens and factories. We also offer an extensive cleaning and effective, commercial pest control service.

Pinnacle Hygiene Equipment and Consumables
Pinnacle Hygiene Equipment for Commercial Use

Why Use Us for Hygiene Equipment & Pest Control?

  • Pinnacle Hygiene has been in the industry since 2007.
  • We understand your hygiene, cleaning, and pest control needs.
  • Our full evaluation service will provide you with an in-depth proposal and quote to help you decide on the best, long-lasting hygiene and pest control solution tailored to your business.
  • Paying exceptional attention to detail ensures professional solutions to all your hygiene, cleaning, and pest control needs.

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