Hygiene Products

We offer a variety of hygiene and pest control products, to suit your home or business needs, in a range of finishes. Our products are available on rental or outright purchase. All equipment on rental is installed free of charge and is serviced regularly by our Hygiene team.

Pinnacle Hygiene Products

Pinnacle Hygiene Products Will Enhance Your Bathrooms

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Customised solution

We understand the importance of providing a clean working environment. We customise a cleaning program specific to your needs. We bring our cleaning staff expertise to your offices and we also have an extensive range of products including:

  • Air Freshener Dispensers
    Use our air freshener dispensers to eliminate odours in your bathrooms and any other selected areas, and to keep the air fresh and fragrant.
  • Dust Floor Mats
    Our dust floor mats protect your floors from being damaged by trapping dirt and dust. We have a variety of standard and custom sizes of dust mats.
  • Industrial Floor Mats
    We have floor mats specifically designed for grease residue and heavy spillage.
  • Hand Dryers
    We have several options including paper towel dispensers and air hand dryers; all dependent on your requirements and budget.
  • Toilet Hygiene Services
    We have toilet roll holders, Femcare bins and many other products to ensure that your toilets and washrooms stay hygienic and clean.
  • Wall Mounted Soap Dispensers
    Automatic and manual soap dispensers that we can install, refill and maintain.

We don’t just supply hygiene products – we service them too.

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