Bathroom Hygiene

“First impressions are lasting impressions.”

At Pinnacle Hygiene Services, we understand the importance of the impression you make on your staff and customers.

Pinnacle Corporate Bathroom Hygiene
Pinnacle Bathroom Hygiene

Our Bathroom Hygiene Service

Neglected areas in bathrooms have a high concentration of germs. Thorough cleaning of toilet facilities in your office building, warehouse or factory will ensure a healthier, germ-free environment.

We Clean

  • Shower drains,
  • Toilet bowls,
  • Toilet covers,
  • Toilet rims,
  • Toilet seats,
  • Urinals,
  • Basins,
  • Walls,
  • and Floors.

Washroom Deep Cleaning

An all-round cleaning and hygiene solution for corporate toilets and washrooms.
Our deep cleaning services can be used in conjunction with our bathroom hygiene products. This means your toilet facilities will be cleaned and maintained by professional cleaning teams using the most effective products.

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