Kitchen Hygiene

“We clean everything AND the kitchen sink”

Pinnacle Deep Cleaning Kitchen Services
Pinnacle Kitchen Hygiene Services

Our Kitchen Hygiene Service

  • Utilises specific chemicals to remove dirt and germs
  • Prevents bacteria and germs from spreading


  • Areas behind appliances such as fridges and stoves
  • Cupboards,
  • Drawers,
  • Kitchen drains,
  • Inside fridges,
  • Inside microwaves,
  • Inside other kitchen appliances,
  • Kitchen sinks,
  • Inside stoves,
  • Work surfaces.

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

  • Clean and maintain grease traps.
  • Remove all potentially harmful burned carbon deposits and fat deposits from kitchen equipment.
  • Eliminate dirt and bacteria and extend the life of your kitchen equipment.

Contact us to assess your kitchen’s hygiene level.