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Proper waste disposal and waste management solutions

Pinnacle Hygiene offers a wide selection of sustainable comprehensive waste management services to meet all occasions, commercial requirements, legal requirements, and scenarios.

Waste is produced by all businesses, and getting rid of it seems difficult. Working with our waste management services will enable you to keep general waste out of your commercial space.

Pinnacle Hygiene offers a sizable network of specialised sorting, treating, and processing facilities that can recycle general waste. The majority of waste won’t end up in landfills or the ocean thanks to this resource, which may also be used to conserve precious natural resources.

We offer sustainable waste management solutions for all business types – small or large companies. Single locations or multiple offices for total waste management.

Warehouse full waste service:

Unavoidably, busy warehouses generate a lot of garbage. There will be a ton of trash, whether it is in a manufacturing site, a packing and shipping facility, or a storage area. This trash must be properly managed to have a good effect on the environment and lower costs for your company.

Let Pinnacle Hygiene Waste Services remove your warehouse waste and dispose of it responsibly. We can also help you to arrange a sustainable waste management plan.

Skip Bins:

We are a top supplier of Skip Bin rentals in Johannesburg and the nearby locations. For companies that want assistance with the removal and disposal of common waste products, we specialise in providing economical Skip bin rentals.

If you have rubbish, we have the ideal Skip container for you. To organise a same-day drop off at your location, give us a call on 086 100 0819.

Our Skip Bin hire pricing include disposal costs. The cost of a trip to the dump is the same as it would be if you decided to handle your own waste. We recycle the majority of your discarded materials. We are devoted to going green.

We are able to offer commercial waste bin rental to any company in Johannesburg. From the smallest micro skips to the largest industrial sized containers, we provide a wide range of sizes for our bins. Consult a member of our customer care staff about your needs.

Rentals, transportation and disposal.

Industrial waste management

We have been providing businesses with stress-free industrial waste management and disposal services because of our wealth of experience. According to your needs, we may make the appropriate arrangements to collect and dispose of the waste produced by your company. We can handle all of your waste removal needs, whether you want it done daily, weekly, or monthly.

For liquid, solid, and other waste, we offer a full spectrum of industrial waste management, collection, treatment, removal, and disposal services. Our knowledgeable staff offers a thorough evaluation of waste streams produced and chooses the best options for your business to decrease waste and dispose of it in an economical and environmentally responsible manner. To make sure all criteria are met, we handle both on- and off-site procedures and paperwork.

Services offered include solid trash collection, sludge management, emergency response, chemical and solvent waste management, and transportation, treatment, and recycling of industrial waste.

Estate living recycling

By offering a range of recycling services, we target all Estate waste removal and recycling needs.

Pinnacle Hygiene delivers commercial waste management services to Estates across Johannesburg and surrounding areas. Our waste disposal prices are so affordable, you’ll never want to go back to handling it yourself.

We cater to a wide variety of Estate sizes. If you need assistance with general waste disposal for your Estate, call our team on 086 100 0819. Choose from a complete range of services including ‘one off’ collections, scheduled pick-ups and affordable container and bin hire.

The 5 R’s of waste management:

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle

By incorporating this methodology into your waste reduction and recycling activities, you could reduce the amount of garbage that ends up in landfills and advance your recycling program.

Pinnacle Hygiene is a Recycling Company that does proper waste segregation and integrated waste management.

For proper waste management and waste treatment, call Pinnacle Hygiene today.

Other waste management services include:

For a personalised, custom waste management plan contact us today.

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